Writing and Editing Services

Writing and Editing Services


You’ve spent hours working on your manuscript. You’ve labored over every word and phrase. But sometimes our minds can blind us to our own mistakes. We know what should be there, and so we miss details like our heroine having blue eyes on page 96 and green eyes on page 153. Or we read over missing commas, misspelled words, and garbled syntax. Our minds fill in what we meant—not what we actually said.

That’s why you need an editor. Editors polish your prose and help you bring out the best in your writing. I can help you sharpen your story and get your book, article, or paper ready for publication. I am a professional freelance writer and editor with ten years of experience writing for Christian publications. I have degrees in English and theology and have experience editing fiction, non-fiction, and academic works. I am also a member of The Christian PEN.

Here’s what my clients say:

“We were very impressed with Leigh’s skills and her thorough research as well as the enthusiasm she exhibited in her work. She is reliable and dedicated.”

“We are confident with Leigh’s editing; our book will be much more professional in its documentation.”

I offer the following services:

  • Proofreading: A light edit designed to correct errors in punctuation, grammar, usage, and syntax. Usually the last stage of the writing process, proofreading will give your manuscript a final polish before publication.
  • Copyediting: In addition to correcting the mistakes found in proofreading, a copyedit also includes editing for consistency, clarity, and proper style. A copyedit will make sure that words are used correctly, eliminate redundancy, keep spelling and syntax consistent throughout your document, and help revise awkward word choices and phrasing. A copyedit helps ensure your project is accurate and consistent.
  • E-editing: Are you planning to publish your project as an e-book? In an e-edit I will edit your document to eliminate formatting issues that can cause problems in the upload process, make sure all links are working properly, and make suggestions to improve your book’s appearance and readability.
  • Academic Editing: I will edit your dissertation, D.Min project, master’s thesis, or other academic projects to help ensure accuracy and proper academic style. In addition to correcting errors in punctuation, grammar, usage, and syntax, I will also make sure that your project conforms to your institution’s preferred style guide, check the formatting of your bibliography and notes, and verify Scripture quotations. If English is not your first language, I can help you smooth out your syntax and conform to standard conventions of grammar and style.
  • Writing Services: Contact me for quotes on writing services such as copywriting, blog writing, curriculum development, or ghostwriting.

Editing rates vary between $.01 and $.05 a word. Each project is priced individually. Quotes depend on services requested, project type, length, and time required. I prefer payment by PayPal and require payment in advance. Installment plans are available for large projects. To get started, send me a note using the form below to describe your project and what type of editing services you are interested in. Please include the following information:

  1. What are your goals for this project? Are you planning to submit your work to an acquisitions editor or agent, self-publish, or print a few copies for family and friends?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What is your manuscript’s word count?
  4. When is your deadline?
  5. Has your publisher or academic institution provided you with an in-house style guide you would like me to use?


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