How Do I Forgive?

Forgiveness seems easy until you have to do it. It’s one thing to say “love your enemies”–it’s another to be able to fill in the blank with a person’s name. We know what we’re supposed to do–we’re just not sure how to get it done.

But there’s good news. God gives us the resources we need to be obedient to him–even when it comes to forgiveness. In How Do I Forgive? I share with you the steps to forgiveness that helped me find freedom and healing after a season of conflict and heartbreak. I believe they’ll do the same for you.

In How Do I Forgive? you’ll learn:

  • What forgiveness really means
  • Why forgiveness is important
  • How to walk through the five steps of forgiveness
  • And how to move on into a redefined relationship–whatever kind of relationship that needs to be.

You’ll also receive two bonus coloring pages based on the book.

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